Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring 2010 Schedule

Here is our current Spring 2011 Schedule:

12pm-4pm Hidden Treasures of Rock N Roll w/ John Rose
4pm-6pm Cold Locals Emporium w/ Mike
6pm-7:30pm Wake Up and Live! Radio w/ Tony 2 Fresh
7:30pm-10pm SN Radio w/ Strech 1
10pm-12am Tell It Like It Is Radio w/ Bri Bri

4pm-6pm The Metal Hour w/ Bob
6pm-8pm Heroes $ Villains Radio w/ Cary & Dan
8pm-10pm Hardknock Radio w/ Ashten
10pm-12am Electric Relaxation w/ Dan D. 

4pm-6pm Chris & Christopher Show
6pm-8pm Get In Tune Radio w/ DJ Victorious
8pm-10pm Jackie B's Show
10pm-12am Street Level Radio w/ Lorenzo Ice

Thursdays(Ladies Night on UIC Radio):
4pm-6pm Sly Radio w/ Stephanie
6pm-8pm The Meatus Factory w/ Marlene and Jean
8pm-10pm Krome Radio w/ Nachi and Mimi
10pm-12am Sarah and Steph's Totally Awesome Radio Show

3pm-5pm Fire Radio w/ Prince
5pm-8pm Urban Connection w/ Matt and Heather
10pm till 12am Reggae Riddims w/ DJ (J)Kidd

12pm-2pm El Tornado Tropical Con El Caobo
4pm-6pm Julia's World
6pm-8pm Grainshifter Radio w/ David, Kyle, & Christian

4pm-6pm Snap Crackle Pop w/ Val
6pm-8pm Sunday's Main Event w/ Tony
8pm-10pm Blue Line Radio w/ Gabe and Pinqy Ring
10pm-12am New Song Radio w/ Juan

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