Saturday, January 16, 2010

Performing at UIC Radio

Performing at UIC Radio

We are always happy to have artists come into UIC Radio to light up our airwaves. We have had tons of performers stop through UIC Radio over the years and hope to have many more in the future. 

If you are interested in performing at UIC Radio please visit our contact page and email us about a possible performance. We will try to line you up with a show that suits your style of music.

List of Past Performers at UIC Radio(only a sample): 
  • John Legend
  • Omarion
  • Raekwon 
  • Rick Ross
  • Jadakiss
  • Sean Paul
  • Trey Songz

Becoming a DJ

Joining UIC Radio

We are looking for DJ's for the Fall 2010 Semester!
Interested in becoming a DJ?

Here are the steps you need to take in order to join the UIC Radio Team:
1. Write up a complete professional resume and a cover letter that tells us a little bit about yourself as well as your show idea.2. Record a 10 minute show demo on CD of what your show would be like. Please ensure it is a mix between the music and YOU hosting it, and you do not need to play the songs in their entirety.3. Put all 3 items inside of a sealed envelope marked, Radio Show Application and put it in the drop box on the door of UIC Radio's office. UIC Radio's suite is located at:
Student Center East
750 S. Halsted
Third Floor South
Room 386

4.Thats it! We will review your application and get back to you as soon as we can! Thanks!


General/Program Director Email:
Music Director Email:
General Office Line: 312-413-5085 (No requests please)
Request Line/Studio: 312-413-2191

UIC Radio
750 S. Halsted
Room 386, 118 M/C
Chicago, IL 60607

General Manager: Jill Rothamer
Program Director: Tashay Dennie
Music Director: Jordan Seaver
Production Director: Tony Landek

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Spring 2011 Show Schedule
Click on show title for more information!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grainshifter Radio

Sundays from 6pm-8pm

UIC Radio's Sunday night electronica show! Grainshifter Radio plays music from electronica musicians such as Bassnectar, NIN, & Depeche Mode, spanning the depths of electronica. You'll find a healthy dose of live music on Grainshifter due to weekly in studio performances from all kinds of artists. Check out our great DJ's Noel David, DJ Ailuranthrope, and Mickey Knox spinning the best electronica offers. 

You can check the guys out at these sites also:

Julia's World

Julias World takes you on a journey to the Mediterranean, West Africa, the Carribean and South America. From Timbalada, Susana Baca, and Garifuna folks to Eliades Ochoa, Fela Kuti and Savina Yannatou, youll get a taste of the Atlantic world and maybe some surprises too! 

Sit back and enjoy the journey!

Urban Connection

Join Louis|Vee & Laura|Dee for 3 full hours of the hottest contemporary topics, talk, and the 7'clock dance music hour every Friday night! Nothing's off topic (unless previously stated in Louis|Vee's contract, or per FCC policy). So call us (312)413-2191, email us, tweet us, stalk, or w/e you want to do to contact us! We're here for you the listener... So become part of the show, get crazy, have some fun, and don't you dare forget to: PRESS PLAY!

Here are some links to Check out Urban Connection:

Krome Radio

Thursdays from 8pm-10pm

We are Dee Jays Rome and Adio bringing you the best of Kpop with a dash of Cpop and Jpop! The kind of music we play will range from famous artists, up and coming artists as well as underrated artists. We will keep you updated on their newest releases as well as recent news.

Sarah and Steph's Totally Awesome Radio Show

Thursdays from 10pm-12am

Hello all this is Sarah & Steph. We met as little girls about a year ago in a drawing class and then the stars aligned! We teamed up to bring you all at UIC Radio a real tasty treat:SARAH & STEPHS TOTALLY AWESOME RADIO SHOW! With wide variety of electic, totally awesome music & talking about the things that make you ooOo! You cant go wrong!

The Meatus Factory

Street Level Radio

Wednesdays from 10pm-12am

Sly Radio

Jackie B's Show

Chris & Christoper Show

Get In Tune Radio

SN Radio

Street & College Nowledge AKA SNRadioOnline is the Number 1 for the
Hottest independent/Unsigned, Hip-hop, Pop, Live Bands, and R&B!
Always Rep’n that New Mid-West! Featuring Celebrity guest, Industry
Exclusives Music, Entertainment news & Giveaways! Broadcasting live
from UIC(the University of Illinois of Chicago)

SNRadioOnline Mon's 8:30pm-11pm(CT)  w/your host Stretch1 & Mocha
Monet!  log on (or for Audio
only)  call in to request or show us some love!  312-413-2191, hit up
the chat room or @SNRadioonline & @Mochamonet

Hidden Treasures of Rock N Roll

Hidden Treasures of Rock N Roll
Mondays from 12pm-4pm w/ John Rose

I try to play great music that you may not have heard,from the dawn of rock n roll to the present day. Check out my website at

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Come to spark in the park on Harrison field! Footlight frenzy is on now followed by barefoot truth thn GIRL TALK and Then the man on the moon KID CUDI!
We are at spark in the park 2010! Featuring kid cudi, girl talk, barefoot truth, and footlight frenzy! Pics uploaded later

Friday, January 1, 2010

Arroz con Pollo

Every Saturday Arroz Con Pollo is on UIC radio every Saturday 12-2 Central Time. Tune in with "La Sunyata" spinning  the best in salsa, mambo, guajira, pachanga, guaguanco, latin jazz and other Afro-Latin styles of music. On Facebook search "La Sunyata" for updates on playlists and requests or you can email

Arroz Con Pollo presenta salsa y mambo clasica para los salseros cada sabado 12-2 zona central, con La Sunyata. La salsa de Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia y otros paises latinoamericanos. Escucha para lo mejor en salsa, mambo, guajira, guaguanco, rumba y latin jazz. Sigueme en Facebook "La Sunyata" o puede contactarme por correo electronico


About UIC Radio

UIC Radio is the official radio station of the University of Illinois at Chicago. UIC Radio's mission is to provide entertainment, information, and an education for the UIC and Chicago-land communities through diverse programming that reflects and respects the interest of UIC students as well as the rich diversity and multicultural backgrounds of the students, faculty, and staff of UIC. The radio programming will feature an eclectic range of music genres, talk radio, news, and public affairs programming.

UIC Radio was founded in 2000 and has been successful over the last 10 years in achieving its mission statement. In early 2010, UIC Radio's hard work paid off when it was selected by the Chicago Music Awards as having the "Best College Radio Station 2009". We are excited to continue to innovate and lead colleges and universities in the Chicagoland area in the ever expanding field of Internet Radio.

We encourage you to browse our site to listen to our programming, contact our staff, learn about how you can become a DJ, and read our blog. 


Listening to UIC Radio

NOTICE: We broadcast using the Shoutcast Streaming MP3 Format.

How to Listen:

1. Make sure that you posses an MP3 player capable of playing Shoutcast streams; we recommend Apple iTunes(Mac and Windows) or Nullsoft WinAmp (Windows).
2. Choose a program from the list below.
3. There is no step three! Enjoy!

Available Streams:

Still having trouble?

Go to your Itunes, click the advanced tab on the top of the screen.
Click the Open Stream button and a box should pop up prompting you to enter a URL
In that box type, Click Ok and the stream should load up! Enjoy!